SPARKS 2019 Speakers

After reviewing a wide selection of wonderful speaker proposals, we have narrowed down the list of speakers for this year's conference and we are incredibly excited to announce this year's line-up. 

Each of these speakers brings an incredible perspective to the realm of social marketing, working in their own unique ways to tackle the Wicked Problems in the Pacific Northwest. With this collection of speakers, we are confident that Day One of SPARKS will be a fascinating, riveting and educational day - we look forward to seeing you there.

Keynote Speaker 

Nancy Lee: “Social Marketing is Launched. A Dozen Actions to Get It In Orbit by 2025.” 


Leslie Banigan and Renee Johnson: Getting Pumped for Septic Tank Pumping” 
    Jessica Branom-Zwick: Where Efficiency and Effectiveness Meet” 

    Tere Carral: “Creating Community Connections and Building Cultural Traditions Through Local Events” 

    Candy Castellanos: "Effective Engagement Practices with Vulnerable Populations"

    Erin Cawley-Morse and Debbie Jaksich: “Just One Trip- Moving the Needle From Awareness to Behavior Change” 

    Julie Colehour: “10 Social Marketing Pitfalls”

    Karen Crow: “Addressing Barriers to Using Hearing Protection… With a Surprising Motivator” 

      Francesca Davidson: “Middle Schoolers are Tough, BUT Research to the Rescue!"

      Jessica Engel: “A Tale of How Audience Research Changed the Course of a Government Incentive Program"

      Rachel Garrett: “No One Wants Their Sewage Back- Motivating Seattle Residents to Keep Their Drains Clean”

      Jill Hrycyk: Recycle or Not: Research Insights to Inform Recycling Behavior Change Campaign and Reach New Audiences"

      Mark Medalen: “It’s a Fine Line: Motorcycle Safety in Washington” 
        Alejandro Paredes: “Bringing Multicultural Communities to the Table and Beyond”

        Mallory Peak: "Best of Intentions: Transcending Stereotypes to Connect with Cannabis Users in Washington State"

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