This year on Day 2 we are thrilled to present a variation on past SPARKS conferences.  Day 2 is an optional day of learning for those who yearn for more analysis and details associated with social marketing.

Part I: Living Room Theatre

The first half of the day will feature a living room-style panel discussion featuring agency program managers. We will delve into the organizational, budget, cultural, communication and other dimensions of social marketing as it is discussed, funded, considered and springs forth from traditional education and outreach approaches. Walk away having a much better contextual understanding of organizational barriers to using social marketing and how our community of practice can help remove those barriers:

Our panelists are:

Dave Ward, Planning and Environmental Program, Kitsap County

Dave Ward manages long-range planning and environmental programs for Kitsap County. Before that, he directed social strategies for the Puget Sound Partnership. He is a founding board member of the Pacific Northwest and North American Social Marketing Associations and serves on the editorial board of the Social Marketing Quarterly. His approach over the past twenty years emphasizes goal-oriented communications; building capacity and critical thinking within organizations to produce goal-driven change; and bringing the best available social science to address human and environmental wellbeing.

Contact: Dave Ward, Kitsap County Department of Community Development, 360-620-3695,

Mary Rabourn, Communications Specialist, King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks

Mary Rabourn, Communications, King County Stormwater Services, has over twenty years’ experience helping make science information and government services accessible for multiple audiences. Her background in geology and remote sensing, industrial and residential hazardous waste projects, pesticide safety, social marketing, media and more built her technical foundation and systems interests; her personal experience in languages and cultures guides her multicultural engagement. She has worked for King County, CH2M, Allan Cartography and a swath of small businesses. Rabourn believes in smarter communications connecting people with the environment, building community and crowdsourcing problem solving for our big issues.


Sheila Coughlan, Community Outreach Coordinator, Washington State Department of Ecology

Sheila works for the Department of Ecology as an Outreach Coordinator with the Tacoma Smelter Plume team and for other supervised cleanup sites in the southwest region of Washington.  Her experience includes working as an Environmental Planner and coordinating volunteers for the Point Defiance Flower and Garden Show, the YMCA, and other community programs.  She has written curricula for Recreational Equipment Incorporated (REI) and for the Tacoma public elementary schools.  She is currently working with the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department on a social marketing campaign to reduce health risks to children exposed to contaminated soil.  Her primary interests outside of work include hiking, gardening, and all things related to food.  Sheila hopes to inspire people to adopt behaviors, which increase personal health and happiness and that benefit the greater good. 

Shelly Baldwin, Legislative and Media Director, Washington Traffic Safety Commission

Shelly Baldwin is the Legislative and Media Director for the Washington Traffic Safety Commission. Shelly has worked in traffic safety for 26 years and proudly embraces her Traffic Safety Nerd reputation. She directs the agency’s communication efforts towards empowering the majority of safe road users to influence the much smaller group engaging in risky road use behaviors. As the agency’s legislative liaison, she conducts outreach to the Governor’s office and the Legislature by providing traffic safety related information in order to guide good policy decision-making. Shelly loves the opportunity to encourage others to be road users who move from compliance with traffic safety laws towards a commitment to taking actions that keeps us all safe in this shared roadway environment.

Shelly Trucksess Baldwin

Legislative and Media Relations Director

Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC)

(360) 725-9889

Part II: Campaign Deconstruction and Analysis

In the afternoon, the group will gather in tables to analyze and “de-construct” nose-to-tail social marketing campaigns, using an approach to foster group learning regarding the dimensions of a campaign including priority audiences, targeted behaviors, messaging and channels, barriers, motivators and benefits, and intervention mix, among other topics. This approach will enable participants to discuss a specific campaign in a group setting, facilitating learning from a variety of perspectives. 

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