The goal of this page is to address some of the frequently asked questions about SPARKS!

Let's dive into some questions:

1. What is SPARKS?

SPARKS is an annual social marketing conference with over a dozen social marketing experts from across the Pacific Northwest coming together to speak on behavior change related to some of the most urgent issues we face.

The goal of the SPARKS conference is to tackle the "Wicked Problems" of the Pacific Northwest, which touch on themes of homelessness, mental health, traffic (congestion, injury prevention & safety), healthcare (including opioid addiction), issues specific to multicultural communities, environment, and emergency preparedness.

Some topics of last year's conference include:

  • "Stop Sucking" Campaign -- a conversation about the elimination of single-use plastic straws in order to reduce the amount of plastic in the ocean 
  • "Tiny House Villages: A Crisis Solution to Homelessness"
  • "Saving our Pipes by Getting Residents to Stop Flushing 'Flushable' Wipes"
  • "Taking Mass Extinction Off the Menu"
Day One features over a dozen social marketing professionals from across the Pacific Northwest speaking on these "Wicked Problems" as mentioned above. Day Two (which is optional) features expert-led workshops on intermediate and advanced social marketing practices and processes.

2. Who benefits from something like SPARKS?

Our hope is that an array of people coming from diverse backgrounds and experiences can benefit from SPARKS. The "Wicked Problems" in the Pacific Northwest stem from various points, ultimately bringing together people who represent a wide range of professional fields and disciplines. Whether you work for Waste Management, an environmental consulting agency, a tech firm, or a food bank we are hopeful that you will learn something meaningful and applicable to your line of work.

Day Two, as previously mentioned, focuses on intermediate and advanced social marketing concepts, so those who will benefit most from Day Two are people who have significant experience with social marketing or behavior change. 

3. When & where is SPARKS?

Day One is on Monday, Dec. 10th from 9:00am - 4:00pm & Day Two is on Tuesday, Dec. 11th from 9:30am - 4:00pm at the Museum of Flight

For more details, click here to access our Save the Date for this year's conference!

4. How do I register?

This year, there will be Early Bird registration, which will feature discounted pricing on tickets, and Regular registration

Registration is officially closed.

5. What is the cancellation policy?

We will accept ticket cancellations and provide full refunds until November 30th. Following that date we will be unable to provide refunds, so if something does come up that denies you from attending this year's conference, make sure you cancel your tickets before Nov. 30th. 

6. When will the speaker list be released?

The list of speakers along with their topics will be featured on the PNSMA site on Oct. 1st.

7. I am coming to the conference from out of town, where do I stay?

We have compiled a list of a few recommended hotels near the venue of the conference in hopes of making the planning process a bit less of a hassle. To access that information, click here

If you have any more questions regarding SPARKS, do not hesitate to reach out to

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DH, a public relations, advertising and branding agency that builds multi-disciplinary programs that communicate complex ideas in simple, compelling ways, Hardwick Research, a full service market research consulting firm that works to unpack customers' pain points and align your vision with their needs & Rescue Agency, a behavior change marketing company focused on tackling public health issues in both youth and adult populations, stimulating behavior change through knowledge, policy, and culture. 

Pacific Northwest Social Marketing Association (PNSMA) is a 501(C)6 non-profit organization. 
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