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SPARKS Conference

Registration for the 9th Annual SPARKS Conference IS CLOSED

This year's virtual conference was December 6-7, 2021 from 9am-1pm each day. 

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The SPARKS conference is a two-day event.  Both days feature social marketing experts speaking on behavior change related to some of the most urgent issues we face, including public health, injury prevention, environmental health and protection, and community well-being in the Pacific Northwest. 

SPARKS 2021 is made possible by our sponsors.

 Sponsorship opportunities are available for SPARKS!

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Note: Details regarding speaker times and presentation titles are subject to change in the coming weeks. This agenda will be updated accordingly. 

DAY ONE (Health & Community): Monday, 12/6 (9 AM – 1 PM)

9:00-9:15AM Welcome from PNSMA Board

9:15-9:20AM Counting Coup Media

9:20-9:40AM Wesley Schultz (California State University): "The Power of Persuasive Positives"

9:40-10:00AM Sonja Martin Poole (University of San Francisco): "The Role of Social Marketing in Achieving Racial Equity"

10:00-10:10AM Break

10:10-10:30AM Amy Reynolds (Washington State Labor and Industries): "WA Notify – Helping people use their smartphones to help fight COVID"

10:30-10:50AM Gerry RainingBird (Washington State Department of Health) and Alex. Evans (DH): "Do you really want to hear what we have to say? Making community feedback an organic part of your social marketing approach."

10:50-11:10AM Alejandro Paredes (Cascadia Consulting Group): "In your Audience Research: Push Yourself, Listen, Be Flexible, Modify"

11:10-11:20AM Break

11:20-11:40AM Alethea Dumas (Better Health Together) and Jessica Wade (DH): "Making Space by Letting Go: Power, inequity and community in COVID-19 social marketing "

11:40-12:00PM Commissioner Hilary Franz (Washington State Department of Natural Resources) and Molly Brumley (C+C): "Wildfire Ready Neighbors: An All Hands, All Lands Approach to Wildfire Prevention"

12:00-1:00PM Networking lunch via Zoom

DAY TWO (Environment & Safety): Tuesday, 12/7 (9 AM – 1 PM)

9:00-9:05AM Welcome from PNSMA Board

9:05-9:15AM Counting Coup Media

9:15-9:35AM Nancy Lee (Social Marketing Services): “10 Social Marketing Success Stories from Around the Globe”

9:35-9:55AM Justine Asohmbom (WA Department of Ecology): "Dead on Arrival: When messages go wrong"

9:55-10:10AM Break

10:10-10:30AM Jessica Branom-Zwick (Cascadia Consulting Group) and Peggy Campbell (Snohomish County): "Behavior Change Retention: it worked but did it stick?"

10:30-10:50AM Mary Rabourn (King County Dept of Natural Resources and Parks): "Does your outreach include Ethnic media? Lessons from COVID"

10:50-11:05AM Break

11:05-11:25AM Liz Foote (Antioch University New England, Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies & Sustainability): "The Diffusion of a Discipline: The Story of Social Marketing in the Pacific Northwest (and Beyond)"

11:25-11:45AM Julie Colehour (C+C): "The art of managing up: How to use social marketing strategies to navigate leadership approvals and the political landscape"

11:45-12:50PM Networking lunch via Zoom

12:50-1:00PM Closing via Zoom

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